Thrift Store Recreations

Thrift Store shopping is one of my hobbies. There is nothing like walking in the doors of a thrift store you haven’t been to before and taking in the whole picture of what dusty wonders are awaiting you. I always feel like an adventurer who just stumbled upon a dragon’s secret horde of treasure- even if that treasure is moldy magazines and Bill Cosby sweaters.

These places are full of art of all types. I like buying the ones that speak to me and taking them to add my own personal touches to them. Here is a gallery of some of the paintings I have redone. Enjoy.





Zeusophobia, the Fear of God


Zeusophobia, the Fear of GodMatthew 4:19- and Jesus said, “Follow me and I will make you Fishers of men.

To see how it was displayed for a public art show click here!

I grew up in the apostolic pentecostal sect of Christianity. I was bullied from birth by people holding a book and smiling at me. I was told that God was a wrathful being whose judgement was so intense that it couldn’t be understood by human terms.

As I got older, the artist in me started to observe the smaller things around me, I started to question why we had to be so separated from all the other non-believers? Why would God make such an easy example for how to live through observing nature at its basics but then require us to fight and die for our own respective skin toned prophet who each say the same things? Why must we find ways to show how we are different and not begin to celebrate how we are the same?

After a very long walk in Christianity- from birth through Bible College- I started to unravel the binds the held me. I was tired of listening to the same hate speeches being masked with breaks of ancient scripture on love. I couldn’t handle the institution of religion anymore.

I do not want to interfere with what makes other people happy and be able to survive on this chaotic journey of life. I only know for me, the day I took off the veil of lies and saw that “God” is much greater and simpler than what organized religions offer, I wanted nothing more to do with it ever again. History proves how people have been using it for power, wealth, and control for a very long time, yet they still want to buy into it.

Faith should be personal- it should NEVER involve anything that requires money from you.

“God” gave us this Earth to respect it and show honor by protecting it, but religion has gotten in the way and now we destroy his gift to us.

Here is how I displayed my piece of the 2014 Phobia Art Show in Dayton, Ohio.