WTF is up with Ben?

When we work we are like a flute, through whose heart, the whispering of the hours turns to music.

– Kahlil Gibran

In the Cycle

Ben Riddlebarger currently resides in Dayton Ohio where he spends his free time drawing like a mad man. He enjoys sushi, comic books, Judge Judy, colorful walls, and the company of eccentric people. His art comes from his dreams, experiences, joys, and random thoughts- all of which are weird. When perusing the illustrations on this website, please feel free to make up your own stories to what it is going on. In his art he tries to set up a scenario for your own imagination to run wild with. So go be wild!

thron colorSM
Me being worshiped as a baby- most of us were treated like gods when we were babes.
Self Portrait 2010
My grandmother used to pay me a quarter each Sunday after church to peel her pantyhose off . Here is 7 year old me doing anything I could for chocolate money. I would still do anything for money, things rarely change.

Ben Riddlebarger is available for commission works as well as making available any of his previous works for purchase. For any questions or just to chat please email at   He loves to meet people and thinks having penpals is still relevant. 198962_17580305512_9382_n

Ben when he got his groove back



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