Learning to Cope with Life Through Art…

We are all survivors! It is a very difficult process to be born into this world and up until recently in human history, you were a joyful gem to have been born alive, let alone to survive past infancy. So we know, unconsciously, from birth that we were brought into this world to fight ourContinue reading “Learning to Cope with Life Through Art…”

The Evolution of a Saturian

Here is a triptych I did of the evolutionary changes of intelligent life on Saturn.  Here are the color and original black and white line work. This piece is available upon request if you like it. Look closely and you will see how that some Saturians went somewhere else too. I believe alien life isContinue reading “The Evolution of a Saturian”

Thrift Store Recreations

Thrift Store shopping is one of my hobbies. There is nothing like walking in the doors of a thrift store you haven’t been to before and taking in the whole picture of what dusty wonders are awaiting you. I always feel like an adventurer who just stumbled upon a dragon’s secret horde of treasure- evenContinue reading “Thrift Store Recreations”