Learning to Cope with Life Through Art…

We are all survivors! It is a very difficult process to be born into this world and up until recently in human history, you were a joyful gem to have been born alive, let alone to survive past infancy. So we know, unconsciously, from birth that we were brought into this world to fight our way through it.

I know that trials come and trials go. We must learn from each one, become stronger and more agile in dealing with it in the future. Sometimes, though, they can be too hard for us to overcome on our own- or depression comes around the corner and holds us down against our will,. When these times come I have learned to process the pain through my art. I will sit down and decide to draw something that directly relates to how I am feeling. I will mask the pain through symbols and scenarios that force me to sit and deal with for how ever many hours it takes me to finish the piece.

I usually come out feeling much better and the times that I don’t I start another piece and see where it takes me. In this gallery I have some examples of art pieces I have done during some of my own personal battles. If you click on the image there is a description as to where I was in my head when I made it. I hope after reading some of them you may understand my process and maybe it can help you as well.

Here is a video of a Pecha Kucha talk I did in 2013 about how I use art to handle tough situations.


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