Deep Below the Monsters Feast

I have been noticing while at friends’ homes that they do not have art in their bathrooms-other than fake flowers growing mold above their medicine cabinets or a matching towel set wrinkled up in the corner. Considering how used that space is in a normal home I think this needs changed. I decided to sit down one evening and draw something utilizing a bathroom space in mind, specifically near the toilet.

I don’t know if I achieved my original goal but nevertheless I love the result. My ideal was to make a piece that would look completely different if it was viewed while sitting down or standing up.  The original is 3 separate 8×10 segments. The finished product is 3 1/5 feet framed and is meant to hang lower than most art would.  It is slim and fits perfectly next to a toilet. I think the toilet is a great place to have a detailed piece, it forces those their to have something to focus on. So even if someone thinks this is a piece of shit, it is fitting.


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